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Archer of Helia.png

An Archer of Helia is one of the Templars, they can be promoted from Rangers. He is hired from the Temple to Helia. They are gifted archers and pure traitors in Monster Kingdom


Health 1561 at level 23
Strength 4
Agility 10-15
Intelligence 12
Stamina 7-13
Ranged Attack around 218 at level 22
Movement Speed 4
Melee Defense around 58 at level 22
Ranged Defense around 78 at level 22
Magic Defense around 113 at level 22


Attack Ranged Attack x 1.0
Hunter's Shot Ranged Attack x4, more vs animals
Accurate Shot Ranged Attack x3
Fatal Shot Ranged Attack x5
Staggering Shot Ranged Attack x1.5, decreases target's melee attack
Sun Arrow Area of Effect, Ranged Attack x2
Fire Shield Gives immunity to freeze