Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Four legendary artifacts are recovered during Majesty 2. These can be periodically activated by clicking their icons on the top left of the screen. They provide extremely powerful benefits to the kingdom.

Scepter of Sidrian[]

The Scepter of Sidiran is a legendary artifact buried with a king who went mad with grief and ordered the execution of his court before killing himself after court intrigue murdered his beloved. The king rose from the dead with his court entourage after bandits attempted to plunder his grave for the scepter. The Scepter of Sidrian is recovered after killing the Skeleton King to complete the mission The Eternal Love.

Effect: Inflicts tremendous damage on all enemies within range.

Mantle of Teevus[]

The Mantle of Teevus is a magical garment of indestructible fabric, lost when one of the Great Kings who was wearing the mantle was eaten by the dragon Rafnir. The Mantle of Teevus is recovered after killing Rafnir to complete the mission The Royal Feat.

Effect: Restores a significant portion of health to all heroes over time.

Orb of Sidrian[]

The Orb of Sidrian is a mighty relic of antiquity possessed by King Rat the Fifth. It is recovered after killing King Rat to complete the mission Mortal Foibles of Kings.

Effect: Temporarily increases the amount of gold collected in the kingdom.

Crown of Ardania[]

The Crown of Ardania is bestowed upon Your Majesty at the start of the final mission, The Return of His Majesty. The crown contains the spirits of all the kings who have worn it.

Effect: Summons the Spirit of Kings, a powerful avatar combining the strength and wisdom of the kings who wore the crown.