Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Once a Temple to Fervus has been built, you can hire Beastmasters. (Max 2)

Very little is known about the odd followers of the god known as Fervus. They seem to worship all things natural but they also revel in discord and chaos. It is difficult to engage them in intelligent discourse which explains the difficulty in understanding their ways.

Beastmasters have replaced the standard Cultist of the first Majesty game after the Uprising of Lunord. The Cultists were banished from Ardania for siding with Lunord's rebellion and their temples were handed over to the Rangers Guild. Rangers studying under the followers of Fervus can become Beastmasters. Nevertheless, they do share many similarities with the banished Cultists.

Beastmasters are one of two advanced classes available to the Ranger. (The other being the Archer of Helia.) You can hire level 1 Beastmasters from the temple or you can select a Ranger and promote them. Promoting, as with all other advanced classes, is more expensive however the hero does retain their current level.

Much like the cultist from the first Majesty, the Beastmaster can summon a wolf or bear minion and they can also tame wild wolves and bears. They can become immune to stun when they use their Stone Head ability.

At higher levels Beastmasters gain the Spell Shape Change. They use this in combat to transform into a bear which greatly increases their combat stats for a short time. The high strength coupled with their very fast attack speed makes them very deadly.

Beastmasters have also traded in their bow for that of a crossbow and have armor made of animal hides.

Beastmasters are extremely helpful if not only because of the damage they can do but of the literal army of monsters they can convert but paired with the Priestesses of Krypta, any Ruler could deal a hard blow to any force against them.