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Blacksmith is one of the vital economic building in Majesty 2. This building sell equipments for your heroes, and act as another source of income.

In-Game Description[]

Every blacksmith in Ardania must be a member of the "Fellowship of the Forge". This Fellowship defines everything - from the plan of the shop, to the size of the doors and anvils! To get the badge of a master blacksmith, apprentices train for years, making metal scoops, whistles, horseshoes and nails. But with all that training and toil comes the ability to craft quality weapons and armor for Ardania's discerning heroes!

Upgrades and Abilities[]

See Equipment pages for details of each equipment.

Tier 1 Equipment[]

Weapon Melee T1.png Weapon Range T1.png Weapon Magic T1.png Armor Steel T1.png Armor Leather T1.png Armor Cloth T1.png

  • Researching costs 250 gold each.

Tier 2 Equipment[]

Weapon Melee T2.png Weapon Range T2.png Weapon Magic T2.png Armor Steel T2.png Armor Leather T2.png Armor Cloth T2.png

  • Researching costs 1000 gold each.

Tier 3 Equipment[]

Weapon Melee T3.png Weapon Range T3.png Weapon Magic T3.png Armor Steel T3.png Armor Leather T3.png Armor Cloth T3.png

  • Researching costs 3000 gold each.


Level 1 Blacksmith

Level 2 Blacksmith

Level 3 Blacksmith