Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Heroes are the main part of the game. Recruit different heroes from certain guilds or temples.

Heroes are AI controlled but can be persuaded by a high bounty.

Tier 1 Heroes[]

Class Potrait Cost Guild/Abode Promote to
Rogue Potrait Rogue.png 100 Rogues Guild Assassin
Ranger 150 Rangers Guild Beastmaster

Archer of Helia

Warrior Potrait Warrior.png 200 Warriors Guild Paladin


Cleric 350 Clerics Guild Priestess of Krypta

Priestess of Agrela

Mage 500 Wizards Guild Ice Mage

Tier 2 Heroes[]

Dwarf Potrait Dwarf.png 700 Dwarven Settlement None
Elf 700 Elven Bungalow None

Tier 3 Heroes[]

Class Potrait Cost Abode
Priestess of Krypta 1000 Temple to Krypta
Priestess of Agrela 1000 Temple to Agrela
Paladin Potrait Paladin.png 1000 Temple to Dauros
Blademaster Potrait Blademaster.png 1000 Temple to Krolm
Beastmaster 1000 Temple to Fervus
Archer of Helia 1000 Temple to Helia
Ice Mage 1000 Temple of Ice

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