Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Major to-go Party Member: Healer

Clerics are staple healing unit in Majesty 2. They will heal anyone that is wounded nearby. Clerics also fight with ranged magic attacks and may receive a spell from their guild that allows them to do a great deal of damage to the undead.

Clerics can be recruited from the Clerics Guild.

In-game Description[]

You know, Your Majesty, Clerics are an odd bunch. They shave their hair off, and spend their hours in the quiet contemplation of the divine. Something to do with the sound of one sandal clapping, I'm told. I wouldn't go to a Cleric if you're looking for some witty conversational repartee, but they are an invaluable resource - their healing skills can spell the difference between victory and defeat for your heroes!


Magic Attack.pngAttack Icon - Magic Attack.png x 1.0.
Sacred Heal.pngHoly Heal Heals target friendly unit for Icon - Magic Attack.png x 6.0.
Holy Attack.pngHoly Attack Deals Icon - Magic Attack.png x 8.0 against undead.
Faith Restoration.pngFaith Restoration Slowly restores mana over a course of time.
Hammer of Faith.pngHammer of Faith Deals Icon - Magic Attack.png x 3.0 and knockbacks the target slightly.



This is base stat value of the hero. Different Clerics may have different stats as they got randomized in range from -5 to +5 of their base attributes (unconfirmed).

Base Strength 7
Base Agility 9
Base Intelligence 13
Base Stamina 11
Base Magic Attack 5
Base Movement 3.50


Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear. Heroes will spend their gold to buy item from Market and equipment from Blacksmith. Listed below are Cleric equipments with their costs and bonuses.


Weapon Cost Effect
Weapon Magic T0.png Basic Magic Weapon - +0 Magic Attack
Weapon Magic T1.png Improved Magic Weapon 30 +4 Magic Attack
Weapon Magic T1.png Masterwork Magic Weapon 70 +10 Magic Attack
Weapon Magic T1.png Expert Magic Weapon 100 +20 Magic Attack
Weapon Magic T4.png Magic Weapon from Dragonbone 120 +35 Magic Attack


Name Cost Effect
Melee Protection Ranged Protection Magic Protection
Armor Cloth T0.png Basic Cloth Armor - 0 0 20
Armor Cloth T1.png Improved Cloth Armor 30 10 10 35
Armor Cloth T2.png Masterwork Cloth Armor 70 20 20 50
Armor Cloth T3.png Expert Cloth Armor 100 35 35 70
Armor Cloth T4.png Enchanted Cloth Armor 120 45 45 90