Description Edit

Clerics are the games basic healers. They will heal anyone that is wounded nearby. Clerics also fight with ranged magic attacks and may receive a spell from their guild that allows them to do a great deal of damage to the undead.


Health 47
Mana around 194-261 at level 5


Agility 9
Intelligence 10
Stamina 7
Magic Attack 6
Movement Speed 3.5
Melee Defense 0
Ranged Defense 0
Magic Defense 20


Type Targets Effect
Magic Attack Magic Single Magic Power x 1.0 damage
Holy Heal Heal Single Magic Power x 6.0 healed
Holy Attack Magic Single Magic Power x 8.0 damage vs. undead
Faith Restoration Buff Single Slowly restores mana
Hammer of Faith Magic Single Magic Power x 3.0 damage w/ knockback effect

Equipment BonusesEdit

Cost is how much the hero pays for the equipment at the blacksmith.

Weapon Cost Bonus
Improved Magic Weapon 30 gold +4 Magic Attack
Masterwork Magic Weapon 1,000 gold +34 Magic Attack
Expert Magic Weapon 3,000 gold +65 Magic Attack
Magic Weapon from Dragonbone 3,500 gold +100 Magic Attack
Armor Cost Physical Defense Ranged Defense Magic Defense
Improved Cloth Armor

30 gold

+10 +10 +30
Masterwork Cloth Armour 1,000 gold
Expert Cloth Armour 3,000 gold
Enchanted Cloth Armour 3,500 gold