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The Clerics Guild is one of the five buildable Tier 1 Guild Buildings. The guild serve as a home for the Clerics - a great support unit that can heal nearby wounded allied units and quickly deal with undead thanks to its researchable Holy Attack ability.

A Clerics Guild initially costs 700 gold to build and can train up to 3 Clerics for 350 gold each. The guild also provides a research to give new abilities for trained Clerics, while offering a Sacred Heal spell research for Your Majesty's spell kits.

In-game Description[]

Years ago, the Godesses of Life and Death are agreed to a wager. They'd create an institution of learning for young women, train them in arts of healing, combat and piety and see to whom they'd pay homage: Agrela, the Godess of Healing and Life or Krypta, the Godess of Necromancy and Death. And so the Clerics Guild was created. Other gods were shocked by this, but over time, such method of gods servants education become widely accepted.

Upgrades and Abilities[]

Level 1 Clerics Guild[]

Sacred Heal[]

Sacred Heal.png

  • A Your Majesty's Spell.
  • Researching costs 150 gold.
  • Costs 250 gold per use. Restores some health to a friendly target.

Level 2 Clerics Guild[]

Holy Attack[]

Holy Attack.png

  • Researching costs 200 gold.
  • Inflicts tremendous damage (Magic Attack x 8.0) to undead.

Level 3 Clerics Guild[]

Faith Restoration[]

Faith Restoration.png

  • Researching costs 1000 gold.
  • Applies an effect that restores mana over a course of time.

Hammer of Faith[]

Hammer of Faith.png

  • Researching costs 1000 gold
  • Inflicts medium damage (Magic Attack x 3.0) to the enemy and pushes them back.


Level 1 Clerics Guild

Level 2 Clerics Guild

Level 3 Clerics Guild