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The Conclave of Priests is an organization composed of the High Priests of the seven gods of Ardania: Agrela, Dauros, Fervus, Helia, Krolm, Krypta, and Lunord. Following the Uprising of Lunord, worship of Lunord was banned and his disciples were cast from the Conclave of Priests.


The Conclave was founded by Primus, the first ruler of the Great Dynasty of Kings who unified Ardania 500 years ago. The gods of Ardania found the new era of peace boring and took their annoyance out on their High Priests. They sent waves of visions, manifestations and prophecies, until the High Priests marched to King Primus, demanding Holy Wars to appease their gods.

King Primus refused and so the High Priests set up camp in his throne room in protest. To get rid of them, King Primus created the Conclave of Priests and built them a building outside the Palace where they could fight amongst themselves. The Conclave oversaw religious matters and the gods seemed satisfied with the amount of bloodshed they provided. A new era of religious tolerance and compassion was ushered in.

241 years after the founding of the Dynasty, war broke out between Lunord and Helia in an event that came to be known as the Uprising of Lunord. The Rangers combined with the forces of Dauros and Krolm to defeat the followers of Lunord and Fervus. Lunord was imprisoned, worship of Lunord was banned and his followers were cast from the Conclave of Priests.

Recent events[]

This section contains spoilers for Majesty 2

The Conclave puts aside its internal conflicts and offers to help Your Majesty defeat the Baron of Logic in the final mission of Majesty 2's main campaign. The Temples of Dauros, Helia and Agrela combine to block the Baron's portal to his home world, preventing him from summoning reinforcements. The Temples of Fervus, Krolm and Krypta combine to curse the Baron, muting his power.

At the conclusion of the Battles of Ardania expansion, the Great Ruler decrees that worship of Lunord is once again welcomed in Ardania. It's unclear whether his High Priests are invited back to the Conclave, but the decision to restore Lunord to power creates conflict within the Conclave and sparks the events of the Monster Kingdom expansion.

In protest of Lunord's restoration to power, Phaeton the Allburning, supreme Archer of Helia, leads a conspiracy to overthrow the Great Ruler. He steals the Crown of Ardania artifact and learns how to summon the Spirit of Kings, using the power to drive the Great Ruler into exile. The Conclave proclaims the Spirit of Kings is the true king and Phaeton installs himself as ruler. At the conclusion of Monster Kingdom, the Great Ruler leads an army of monsters to destroy Phaeton's rebellion, free the Spirit of Kings and unite the people and monsters of Ardania.