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The Ice Mage is a spellcaster hero hired from the Temple of Ice. Ice Mages have area of effect spells that slow or freeze enemies. Ice Mages can be promoted from Mages. They are significantly more durable than Mages, with much higher health and a shield spell that buffs their defenses.


The Ice Wizards Guild was created 30 years ago in an effort to combat global warming caused by experimentation with fire-based sorcery, the increased numbers of summoned demons and imps, the emergence of portals to demonic worlds, and unchecked dragon exhalations. The Ice Mages emerged from the north to restore thermal equilibrium and the balance of nature. The Conclave of Priests was unenthusiastic about their appearance but their teachings spread quickly and now Temples of Ice are found all across Ardania.

Ice Mages are sturdy red giants who attribute their great strength and health once promoted from Mages to the rejuvenating power of cold conditions and bathing in temple ice holes.


  • Magic Attack: basic attack inflicts 2 * magic damage on a single target.
  • Iceball: inflicts 3 * magic damage and slows all targets within range.
  • Chilling Wind: inflicts 2.5 * magic damage on all targets within close range and pushes them back.
  • Magic Shield: improves the caster's melee and magic protection; learned at level 5.
  • Freeze: inflicts 3.2 * magic damage on all targets in range and prevents them from moving or attacking; learned at level 5.
  • Rage of Ice: inflicts 5 * magic damage on all targets withing range and slows them; learned at level 10.