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Inn is one of the buildable economic buildings in Majesty 2. The building serves as a place of refuge for heroes who needs healing or rest. Your Majesty also can form a party of heroes here, which will increases their effectiveness to finish a task flag rather than being alone.

In-game Description[]

In an Inn, heroes and commoners gather for their fill of bread and circuses. The quiet years of Great Rulers drastically increased the number of Inns in Ardania. A tradition was born that forbade violence within the walls of an Inn. In the years since, it was only broken once, during the dark days of Lunord's uprising. After that, the monarch codified the tradition into law.

Upgrades and Abilities[]

Inns give visiting hero "Satiety" buff, which restores 2 health per second and lasts for 50 seconds.


Party Research.png[]

  • Costs 300 gold to research.
  • Heroes can gather into a party for 500 gold each party.

Some Tips for the Party System[]

  • A party can have 2 to 4 heroes as the member.
  • The party behavior to responding a flag depends on the party leader.
    • For example, if you have a party that has a Warrior as the leader, that party will eagerly respond to Attack and Defend flags.
  • Gold collected from a banner will be shared with all living party members.
  • Having a Dwarf and an Elf in a party will make them hit each other for some time.
  • While the meta trinity works wonder (typically a Tank, DPS, and healer), you can still be creative for the party composition.


Level 1 Inn

Level 2 Inn