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Good to see you again Your Majesty, I am the Royal Advisor! Until you have reclaimed the Throne of Ardania and marked yourself as one of the Great Kings, I shall be reminding you of the duties and customs of the office!

The primary concern of the Monarch is the care of the Kingdom and its subjects. We live in a dangerous world — there are always those who would seek to do harm. In each Province you find yourself, My Liege, your enemies will try to thwart your goals. To protect your citizens and your property, you’ll need the services of heroes.

Now heroes are complicated individuals. They are dedicated servants of a particular philosophy and the best at what they do. They are also—well—sort of greedy. They are not likely to take orders, My Liege, even from a king. To entice them to a particular task, you’ll need to set financial rewards. But for those rewards, Your Majesty, they’re willing to work miracles. It’s the quality of the heroes that sets a mediocre kingdom apart from a glorious one!

And so Your Majesty, there is much to do and little time. Shall we begin?

Advisor's Guide


  • Campaign
    • Base Game
    • Kingmaker
    • Battles of Ardania
    • Monster Kingdom
  • Single Mission
  • Multiplayer



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