Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Marketplace is one of the vital economic buildings in Majesty 2. The building serves as your primary source of income, and also sell supplies for your heroes. Your Majesty are only limited to 1 marketplace per mission, as opposed to a Trading Post.

In-Game Description[]

For many centuries, Marketplaces have been the centers of commerce in Ardania. In their stalls and scantily lit pavilions, the curious adventurer can find anything: potions, ancient artifacts, spices or food. (Though buyer beware: it's rumored some of those products have been sitting on the shelves since the invention of money!)

By prudent tradition, monarchs built Marketplaces in convenient and well-protected areas.

Upgrades and Abilities[]

Healing Potion[]

Health Potion.png

  • Costs 150 gold to research
  • Restores a portion of heroes' health.

Mana Potion[]

Mana Potion.png

  • Costs 300 gold to research.
  • Restores a portion of heroes' mana.

Amulet of Regeneration[]

Amulet of Regeneration.png

  • Costs 250 to research.
  • Restores health over a course of time.

Ring of Protection[]

Amulet of Protection.png

  • Costs 500 to research.
  • Improves protection against all types of attacks.

Expert Amulet of Protection[]

Expert Amulet of Protection.png

  • Costs 1000 to research
  • Dramatically improves protection against all types of attacks.


Level 1 Marketplace

Level 2 Marketplace

Level 3 Marketplace