Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

A Paladin is one of the heroes. They are hired from the Temple to Dauros. It is a templar hero of the Warriors. They serve their god-Dauros

It is amongst the sturdiest of all classes, and makes for a great defender. They have an incredible amount of defense, in particular versus melee attacks (less so versus magical attacks). They respond eagerly to "Defense" flags.


Health level 22: 2996<br\/>level 26: 3629
level 35: 4796
level 40: 5444
Strength 9-17
Agility 3-4
Intelligence 4-5
Stamina 14-18
Melee Attack around 178 at level 22, around 191 at level 26, around 216 at level 35 (131 base), around 253 at level 40 (148 base)
Movement Speed 3
Melee Defense around 153-173 at levels 20+
Ranged Defense around 108-128 at levels 20+
Magic Defense around 83-103 at levels 20+


Attack Melee Attack x 1.0
Taunt Melee Attack x1.5, compels target to attack paladin
Crushing Blow Melee Attack x3
Holy Patronage Improves protection from all attacks (+25 to all defenses)
Aura of Holiness Area of Effect vs Undead, Melee attack x5
Holy Strike Magic Attack x5, applies effect preventing target from attacking or moving

Equipment Bonuses[]

Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear.

Weapon Cost Bonus
Improved Blade 250 gold ?
Masterwork Blade 1000 gold +23 Melee Attack
Expert Blade 3000 gold +45 Melee Attack
Rune Blade 3,500 gold +80 Melee Attack

Armor Cost Bonus
Tier 1 250 gold ?
Tier 2 1000 gold ?
Expert Steel Armor 3000 gold +95 Melee Defense / +60 Ranged Defense / +35 Magic Defense
Nevril Armor 3,500 gold +115 Melee Defense / +70 Ranged Defense / +40 Magic Defense