Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Won't refuse any offer involving money

Rogues are one of Melee Heroes in Majesty 2. They will respond to almost anything as long as they get paid for it. Rogues are also cheapest unit in the game, making them a cost-efficient unit if they can survive long enough in the brutal wilderness of Ardania.

Rogues can be recruited from Rogues Guild.

In-game Description[]

Rogues are cheerful young women with fleet fingers and sharp minds. They know the true value of gold and won't engage in fights they can't win. I advise you to watch your pursestrings in their presence, Your Majesty - and you might want to leave the good crown at home.


Melee Attack.png Melee Attack Icon - Melee Attack.png x 1.0
Poisoning.png Poisoning Icon - Melee Attack.png x 1.0, deals 5 damage per second for 50 seconds.
Insidious Blow.png Insidious Blow Icon - Melee Attack.png x 3.0
Solar Plexus Kick.png Solar Plexus Kick Icon - Melee Attack.png x1.5, reduces target attack by -10.
Stun.png Stun Icon - Melee Attack.png x1.5, stuns the target for 3 seconds.


This is base stat value of the hero. Different Rogues may have different stats as they got randomized in range from -5 to +5 of their base attributes (unconfirmed).

Base Strength 13
Base Agility 13
Base Intelligence 7
Base Stamina 7
Base Movement 4.00


Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear. Heroes will spend their gold to buy item from Market and equipment from Blacksmith. Listed below are Warrior equipments with their costs and bonuses.


Weapon Cost Effect
Weapon Melee T0.png Basic Blade - +0 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Improved Blade 30 +6 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Masterwork Blade 70 +17 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Expert Blade 100 +35 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T4.png Rune Blade 120 +60 Melee Attack


Name Cost Effect
Melee Protection Ranged Protection Magic Protection
Armor Steel T0.png Basic Steel Armor - 10 30 10
Armor Steel T1.png Improved Steel Armor 30 15 45 20
Armor Steel T2.png Masterwork Steel Armor 70 26 65 40
Armor Steel T3.png Expert Steel Armor 100 40 90 50
Armor Steel T4.png Nevril Armor 120 50 110 60