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Rogues Guild is one of five buildable Tier 1 Guild Buildings. A gathering place of shady individuals who called themselves a Rogue, they will do anything as long as they get paid.

A Rogues Guild initially costs 450 gold to build and can train up to 3 Rogues at once. The guild also provides a research to give new abilities for trained Rogues, while offering a Extort spell research for Your Majesty's spell kits.

In-game Description[]

The Rogues Guild is one of the oldest and most respected guilds, famous for its traditions. For thousands of years, not a single line was changed in its charter. A relatively recent change - the gender of its constituents - garnered only an alteration of a single pronoun. Those who like their torsos poisoned -arrow-free choose not to speculate over the reasons for the change. Suffice to say that Guild continues to operate with the same quality and dedication as ever.

Upgrades and Abilities[]

Level 1 Rogues Guild[]

Poison Oil[]

Poison Oil.png

  • Costs 300 gold to research.
  • Applies generic Poison status effect to the weapon, which deals 1 damage per second for 20 seconds.



  • Costs 150 gold to research.
  • Takes all remaining uncollected taxable gold, but the guild keeps 30% cut.



  • Costs 200 gold to research.
  • Applies special rogue poison that deals 5 damage per second for 50 seconds to the target.

Level 2 Rogues Guild[]

Insidious Blow[]

Insidious Blow.png

  • Costs 500 gold to research.
  • Inflicts large damage (Melee Attack x 3.0).

Level 3 Rogues Guild[]

Solar Plexus Kick[]

Solar Plexus Kick.png

  • Costs 500 gold to research.
  • Inflicts small damage (Melee Attack x 1.5)
  • Applies an effect decreasing melee attack ability.
    • Despite the in-game description, its actual effect gives -10 to all Attack types to the target



  • Costs 1000 gold to research.
  • Inflicts small damage (Melee Attack x 1.5)
  • Applies an effect preventing from moving and attacking


Level 1 Rogues Guild

Level 2 Rogues Guild

Level 3 Rogues Guild