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Sister of Krypta.jpg

The Sister of Krypta is a spellcasting hero hired from the Temple to Krypta. Sisters of Krypta can summon undead and heal themselves by draining enemies. Along with Priestesses of Agrela, they are one of the two temple hero upgrades for Clerics. They do not get along with Paladins.


  • Magic Attack: inflicts basic magic damage on a single target.
  • Summon Skeletons: summons three Skeletons of Krypta
  • Drain Life: inflict 3* magic damage and restore a portion of health to the caster
  • Plague: inflicts magic damage on all targets within a small area of effect and causes them to take a small amount of damage over time; available at level 5.
  • Summon Lich: summon a Dark Lich minion; available at level 10.