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Temples are buildings that serve as the seats of divine power in Ardania. They allow Your Majesty to hire the kingdom's most powerful temple heroes, or promote regular heroes to temple heroes. Temples may be built on Holy Grounds once the Royal Palace has been upgraded to level 3.


A hundred years ago, the power of the gods suddenly dwindled. The Conclave of Priests sent emissaries to search Ardania for clues about the gods' disappearance. They discovered the existence of Holy Grounds, where the power of the gods was more potent than ever. Temples built on Holy Grounds channeled divine powers never before seen in Ardania.

The Conclave ruled that religions with the greatest amount of followers should have preferential access to the Holy Grounds. This ruling ushered in an era of religious conflict that lasted until the Elementals started appearing on Holy Grounds sixty years ago. The Elementals destroyed the temples and slaughtered all who attempted to build there.