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The Uprising of Lunord was a war between the gods of Ardania that occurred in the 241st year of the Common Era, after the events of Majesty and before the events of Majesty 2. The details of the Uprising are disputed, but historians chronicle that Lunord, god of the moon, night and wind, cursed the followers of his wife, the sun goddess Helia, driving them to madness and violence, then joined forces with Fervus and attacked them. The Ranger Apoll Fastbow led his fellow Rangers in a counter-attack to hunt down Lunord's army. With the help of Dauros and Krolm, Lunord's rebellion was defeated and Lunord imprisoned.


Orthodox history[]

The history of the Uprising of Lunord, as chronicled in history books and taught in universities, depicts the Uprising as the spontaneous act of a jealous, vengeful and wicked god.

The Dynasty of Great Kings presided over an era of peace, enlightenment and prosperity. The cult of Lunord dwindled as the superstitions of the past that had made him potent gave way to rationalism and technology. His followers grew unpopular and poor, and as his fortunes waned, his wife Helia ascended.

In the vernal equinox in the 241st year of the Common Era of the Great Dynasty, Lunord struck: in a jealous pique, he cast the Curse of the Eclipse upon Helia's temple heroes, the Solarii. The curse drove the Solarii to weakness, madness, and violence. Fervus, god of chaos and frivolity, joined forces with Lunord, and together, the Adepts, Cultists and Warriors of Discord attacked Helia's temples.

The only survivor of the onslaught was a Ranger called Apoll Fastbow, who was visiting his beloved, a Solarus affected by Lunord's curse. In revenge, he led the Rangers in a hunt of Lunord's rebel army. Dauros, the god of law, and Krolm, god of war, lent their Paladins, Monks and Barbarians to the defense of Ardania; Krolm's barbarians were the only heroes willing to stand against the Warriors of Discord. Eventually Apoll Fastbow and his allies defeated Lunord's rebellion.

When he fell, Lunord cursed the Monks and Paladins of Dauros, causing them to go mad and violent. The Monks and Paladins marched upon the aspect of Dauros in his temple, but their progress was halted by the Grandmaster of the Warriors Guild, Seynar Broadshield and his companions.

Lunord's history[]

Survivors of the forbidden cult of Lunord tell a different version of events in their hidden Temples to Lunord. According to the followers of Lunord, the Uprising began when Helia decided her husband was not worthy to be with her. She couldn't overthrow Lunord by force, because he was beloved by all as his Adepts had always been defenders of cities.

Instead she wove an illusion of dead Solarii massacred in the Temples to Helia, with all evidence pointing to the Adepts of Lunord as culprits. The Paladins took up arms against the Adepts and the two sides nearly slaughtered each other until the Warriors Guild and the Barbarians of Krolm entered the battle on the side of Helia and tipped the balance in her favor.

Helia's plan was thwarted by one Solarus who refused to take part in the deception as she was in love with an Adept. She renounced her faith and pledged loyalty to Lunord. Many other Solarii, inspired by her sacrifice for love, followed her example and became devotees of Lunord.

In response to their betrayal, Helia enlisted the help of the Rangers to hunt down and destroy the rogue Solarii. The survivors fled the cities to disappear from their pursuers, and kept faith in Lunord away from the light of the sun. Nearly a hundred years ago, these former Solarii seized power in the Rogues Guilds and began to convert Rogues to worship Lunord. The former Solarii trained Rogues to become Assassins in their Temples to Lunord.


The Uprising had several significant repercussions on Ardania's society.

  • Worship of Lunord was banned, his temples were destroyed, and his High Priests ejected from the Conclave of Priests.
  • Helia granted her blessing to Apoll Fastbow and his followers, and her temples were rebuilt under their stewardship. The Archers of Helia replaced the slain Solarii as Helia's temple heroes.
  • In punishment for siding with Lunord, the Cultists of Fervus were banished from Ardania and the Warriors of Discord were ordered to disband. The rioting Warriors of Discord were eventually defeated by the followers of Krolm and banished. The Conclave handed the Temples to Fervus to the Rangers Guild for guidance; Rangers who studied under the followers of Fervus could become the new Fervus temple heroes, the Beastmasters.
  • The barbarians of Krolm who fought the rebellion and defeated the Warriors of Discord were rechristened Blademasters in honor of their martial prowess. The followers of Krolm were welcomed into civilization.
  • As reward for standing against the maddened Monks and Paladins, Dauros granted Seynar Broadshield stewardship over his teachings. From that day forward, the formerly all-female Sister Paladins became all-male Brother Paladins.
  • The fugitive followers of Lunord infiltrated the Rogues Guild, converting Rogues to Lunord and training them to become Assassins in their Temples to Lunord.
  • Lunord himself was placed in chains and buried alive under a volcano.


  • Although not mentioned in Lunord's alternate telling of the Uprising, it's possible that Fervus joined Lunord's cause because he saw through Helia's ruse, and that Lunord's final "curse" that caused the Monks and Paladins to turn on their own god was his revelation of Helia's manipulations.
  • The forsaken Solarii takeover of the Rogues Guild may be the reason that the formerly male-only Rogues came to be female-only Rogues.