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DiscipleofDauros DiscipleofDauros 14 October 2021

Paladin - Old Version

A Paladin is one of the heroes. They are hired from the Temple to Dauros. It is a templar hero of the Warriors. They serve their god-Dauros

It is amongst the sturdiest of all classes, and makes for a great defender. They have an incredible amount of defense, in particular versus melee attacks (less so versus magical attacks). They respond eagerly to "Defense" flags.

Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear.

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DiscipleofDauros DiscipleofDauros 6 August 2021

Monster Page 1.0

Monsters are adversaries Your Majesty will meet throughout the missions in Ardania.

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DiscipleofDauros DiscipleofDauros 5 August 2021

Main Page 2.1

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DiscipleofDauros DiscipleofDauros 3 August 2021

Beginner's Guide 2.0

This guide is intended to give a brief overview about Majesty 2 gameplay.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Campaign
  • 3 Single Mission
  • 4 Multiplayer
  • 5 Options
  • 6 Credits

In the main menu blablakoakoak

Plays the Majesty 2 Campaign missions set in Ardania Your Majesty should tackle in order to become a great king.

Challenge yourself in various missions. This section includes original Majesty 2 missions or modded missions created by community.

Play online with friends or other players across the internet. While the server is dead you can use other means to go into online play.

Adjust Majesty 2 setting to your liking. Setting includes Video, Sound, and Game aspects.

Shows behind the scene developer names that working hard to create this game.

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DiscipleofDauros DiscipleofDauros 2 August 2021

Old Main Page

  • 1 ==
    • 1.1 Explore Majesty 2 Wiki
      • 1.1.1 Buildings
        • Guilds
        • Economic Buildings
        • Defence Structures
      • 1.1.2 Heroes
      • 1.1.3 Monster Heroes
        • (Monster Kingdom DLC)
        • Monsters and lairs

Good to see you again Your Majesty, I am the Royal Advisor! Until you have reclaimed the Throne of Ardania and marked yourself as one of the Great Kings, I shall be reminding you of the duties and customs of the office!

The primary concern of the Monarch is the care of the Kingdom and its subjects. We live in a dangerous world—there are always those who would seek to do harm. In each Province you find yourself, My Liege, your enemies will try to thwart your goals. To protect your citizens and your property, you’ll need the services of heroes.

Now heroes are…

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