Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

A Paladin is one of the heroes. They are hired from the Temple to Dauros. It is a templar hero of the Warriors. They serve their god-Dauros

It is amongst the sturdiest of all classes, and makes for a great defender. They have an incredible amount of defense, in particular versus melee attacks (less so versus magical attacks). They respond eagerly to "Defense" flags.


Health level 22: 2996<br\/>level 26: 3629
level 35: 4796
level 40: 5444
Strength 9-17
Agility 3-4
Intelligence 4-5
Stamina 14-18
Melee Attack around 178 at level 22, around 191 at level 26, around 216 at level 35 (131 base), around 253 at level 40 (148 base)
Movement Speed 3
Melee Defense around 153-173 at levels 20+
Ranged Defense around 108-128 at levels 20+
Magic Defense around 83-103 at levels 20+


Attack Melee Attack x 1.0
Taunt Melee Attack x1.5, compels target to attack paladin
Crushing Blow Melee Attack x3
Holy Patronage Improves protection from all attacks (+25 to all defenses)
Aura of Holiness Area of Effect vs Undead, Melee attack x5
Holy Strike Magic Attack x5, applies effect preventing target from attacking or moving

Equipment Bonuses

Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear.

Weapon Cost Bonus
Improved Blade 250 gold ?
Masterwork Blade 1000 gold +23 Melee Attack
Expert Blade 3000 gold +45 Melee Attack
Rune Blade 3,500 gold +80 Melee Attack

Armor Cost Bonus
Tier 1 250 gold ?
Tier 2 1000 gold ?
Expert Steel Armor 3000 gold +95 Melee Defense / +60 Ranged Defense / +35 Magic Defense
Nevril Armor 3,500 gold +115 Melee Defense / +70 Ranged Defense / +40 Magic Defense