Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Wiki

Proud Warrior of Ardania

Warriors are one of Melee Heroes in Majesty 2. They eagerly respond to attack and defense flags. However, they are very brash, as they will attack any monster right away.

Warriors can be recruited from the Warriors Guild.

In-game Description[]

The warriors of Ardania are the most steadfast of heroes; your bread and butter, really. Keep and eye on them your Majesty, as they're somewhat rash. They'll engage a Stone Elemental only days out of training!


Melee Attack.png Attack Icon - Melee Attack.png x1.0
Taunt.png Taunt Icon - Melee Attack.png x1.5, compels target to attack warrior.
Crushing Blow.png Crushing Blow Icon - Melee Attack.png x3.0
Maiming Blow.png Maiming Blow Icon - Melee Attack.png x5.0
Resistance to Blow.png Resistance to Pain Improves protection from all attacks (+25 to all defenses)



This is base stat value of the hero. Different Warriors may have different stats as they got randomized in range from -5 to +5 of their base attributes (unconfirmed).

Base Strength 14
Base Agility 6
Base Intelligence 5
Base Stamina 15
Base Movement 3.00


Each class gets a different amount of benefit from identical gear. Heroes will spend their gold to buy item from Market and equipment from Blacksmith. Listed below are Warrior equipments with their costs and bonuses.


Weapon Cost Effect
Weapon Melee T0.png Basic Blade - +0 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Improved Blade 30 +4 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Masterwork Blade 70 +10 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T1.png Expert Blade 100 +20 Melee Attack
Weapon Melee T4.png Rune Blade 120 +35 Melee Attack


Name Cost Effect
Melee Protection Ranged Protection Magic Protection
Armor Steel T0.png Basic Steel Armor - 20 10 0
Armor Steel T1.png Improved Steel Armor 30 35 20 5
Armor Steel T2.png Masterwork Steel Armor 70 55 35 10
Armor Steel T3.png Expert Steel Armor 100 75 50 25
Armor Steel T4.png Nevril Armor 120 95 60 35