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The Warriors Guild is one of the five buildable Tier 1 Guild buildings. The guild allows Your Majesty to recruit a Warrior - a valiant melee combatant that responds eagerly to attack defense flags.

A Warriors Guild initially costs 550 gold to build and can train up to 3 Warriors for 200 gold each. The guild can also give trained Warriors abilities to perform better in combat, and can help defending the town with the Call to Arms ability.

In-game Description[]

Thick stone walls, battlements, bright flags - the look of the Warriors Guild represents the dignity, valor and strength of those who dwell within it.

Traditionally, only those of noble blood could gain admittance into the Warriors Guild. In our dark times, recruits are rare, and the Guild has had to relax its standards (though certainly not its standards of courage). After years of harsh training, those with the martial prowess to survive are given weapons, a title, and a non-seasonal monster hunting.

Upgrades and Abilities[]

Call to Arms[]

Call to Arms.png

  • A Your Majesty's Spell.
  • Researching costs 300 gold.
  • Costs 250 gold per use. Summons three squires (Warriors in training) to patrol around the guild perimeter.

Crushing Blow[]

Crushing Blow.png

  • Researching costs 200 gold.
  • Inflicts large damage (Melee Attack x 3.0) to the enemy.

Maiming Blow[]

Maiming Blow.png

  • Researching costs 500 gold.
  • Inflicts tremendous damage (Melee Attack x 5.0) to the enemy.
  • Applies an effect slowing the target.

Resistance to Pain[]

Resistance to Blow.png

  • Researching costs 500 gold.
  • Applies an effect that improve warrior's resistance from all attacks (+25 to melee, ranged, and magic protection)


Level 1 Warriors Guild

Level 2 Warriors Guild

Level 3 Warriors Guild